C++ course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of the C language. While it covers those aspects of C++, which are common to C, it concentrates on a modern, object-orientated approach to the language rather than covering C and then extending it to C++. Microsoft’s tools are used on the course, however no specific development environment or target system is assumed.

C++ (Basic)

This course is mainly for those who are just starting the programming in C++.
In this course we are covering all the fundamentals concepts in detail. The beginners will get good foundation of C++ programming after the course.

C++ (Advanced)

This course is for experienced C++ programmers, who would like to know deeper in object oriented approach. This course is mainly focusing those who know the basic concepts and want to upgrade the knowledge in advanced topics of C++ Programming.
In this course we are going in to deeper of object oriented programming concepts, like Class, Objects, Inheritance, polymorphism, Templates and the advanced topics like Pointers, file organization.