Crystal Reports is a powerful business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources, including Access, Excel, SQL Server and Oracle. You can retrieve specific information, sort and group the data and use dynamic prompts. Crystal Reports offers business owners, analysts and accountants an efficient way to turn raw data into meaningful, consolidated reports. By accessing multiple database and non-database sources simultaneously, Crystal Reports can generate a variety of reports to give a user a snapshot of his or her business.

Training in Crystal Reports is offered through online and in-person courses, and depending on one’s schedule, training can be completed in an intensive two- to four-day course or via classes offered over the course of two weeks. Crystal Reports training is offered at both the beginner and advanced levels with expert techniques reserved for the advanced training path. In a beginning Crystal Reports training session, for example, users learn to perform the following tasks:

• Define the purpose of reports
• Design meaningful reports
• Format reports
• Filter records using Select Expert
• Group and sort data
• Create formulas using Crystal Formula Syntax
• Generate summary reports and charts
• Export report results

Crystal Reports training teaches users to create meaningful reports that are clear and easy-to-interpret. Interactive and online reports are available, and make the data even more dynamic.

Becoming a Crystal Reports Certified Professional assures employers that the individual has a mastery of the technical skill needed to operate Crystal Reports. Earning a certification may be helpful for the following professionals:

Accountants: Crystal Reports training can help accountants generate financial statements and other business reports that draw from multiple data sources.
Business managers: Managers who need a snapshot of business performance can take advantage of Crystal Reports to quickly analyze data and create persuasive reports.
Management analysts/consultants: Management analysts and consultants are asked to interpret data and make recommendations to enhance business performance. Crystal Reports training can increase the ability of these professionals to process data and present findings to clients.

Everyone from entrepreneurs to accountants at large corporations can benefit from expertise in Crystal Reports. Utilizing and applying data, after all, can and make a difference in a company’s bottom line.