Microsoft Office Training Courses
You know Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular productivity suite, but you might not realize just how dominant the software bundle is–and how an advanced knowledge of Office can help prospective workers land employment or advance an existing career.
Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses
Microsoft PowerPoint training can give professionals in many fields the skills needed to make attention-grabbing presentations that relay information with style and flair.
Microsoft Outlook Training Courses
Millions of email messages are sent every day. MS Outlook courses can help professionals ensure that they are making the best possible use of Microsoft’s popular email client.
Microsoft Word Training Courses
Professionals of all kinds rely on MS Word courses to prepare for work that requires mastery of routine word processing tasks.
Microsoft Excel Training Courses
Those who work numbers are probably already familiar with Excel, but often only take advantage of a small portion of the software’s offerings. MS Excel training provides novices and advanced Excel users instruction on how to get the most out of the tool.
Who should pursue Microsoft Office training?
In any prospective employee’s career toolbox, knowledge of Microsoft Office is the hammer–versatile, essential, used for large jobs and detail work alike. Expertise with Excel or PowerPoint can make one resume more appealing than another, potentially leading to more interviews and higher-skill positions.
On the Microsoft Office Specialist certification page, the company specifies who benefits from training with Office. “The certification benefits business workers who want to present themselves as truly knowledgeable and differentiate themselves in a competitive job market,” the site notes. “Managers who hire candidates with a Microsoft Office Specialist certification are helping minimize training costs.”
Which jobs demand training?
From administrative assistant jobs requiring a strong knowledge of Word to project management positions demanding strong Excel ability, training yields real benefits in the workplace.